Sunday, February 27, 2005

Coby CX-CB12 review

I was really surprised at how well this radio works even without the FM antenna. I purchased the Coby CX-CB12 for 3 bucks at a flea market. It was easy to put a FM antenna back on (I used a copper wire) the FM is great as well as the AM and shortwave frequency bands however there is bleed over from the AM band to the LW band (LowFer band 145-285 kHz).

With the 12 bands one would think that you could get full frequency coverage from LW to shortwave (145 kHz to 22.28 MHz). I was also surprised how long the 2 AA battery last even the cheap ones last a while. If you have solar cells or a 3 volt DC motor use these also they can even power this radio.

I highly recommend this radio for everyone and everyone should have at least one in the house!! You can listen to the world for a very inexpensive price and the value is definitely there those who are looking at a $100+ CC Radio receive ability for a cheap price, look no further than this radio.

One last note this radio would be great if you could not hear the AM band on the LW band but even an ICOM 738 is basically dead below 300 kHz even though it tunes down to 30 kHz.

Have fun (73's)

RJS (LowFER experimental station 160-190kHz)


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