Monday, April 04, 2005

120 N. Cedar St. Ottawa Kansas

I will try to be kind but IF I should become POTUS Ottawa Kansas better NOT try to claim me as a native son! Yes I know that I was born and raised in Franklin county for only 9 years that's less than 1/5th of my life.

There is some old friends I would like to know about like Bonnie, Dale, Jammie (James), and anyone else that I don't remember their name that went to a one room school house that was closed then moved to Greenwood School because Della White got fired (mom was a member of the school board).

Times back then were simple like the red light going to the chicken house at night or getting a loose tooth (mine) knocked out while running around the corner of the school just to run into Dale while he was rideing his bike. We both ended up on the ground. WOW it's late it's almost 3:37 am CDT that was not around back in those days CDT SUCKS and that law needs to be changed.

I'll close for now to get some sleep then come back later when I have the time. Night All


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