Friday, November 26, 2004

The Pharmaceutical Industry's BRIBES!

Yes I am a pro marijuana Preacher if anyone does not like it then take it to the maker to let Him know that He was wrong to make marijuana. I guess you would want America's legal drug pushers offer their potent concoctions for our kid's consumption without having to prove that they are safe or effective for pediatric use.So who's fault is this? You and I for leting our elected representatives and those of the Food and Drug Administration taking the legal BRIBES that the pharmaceutical industry love to hand out for running false or misleading commercials even as the drug ads filling our TV screens, radios, and magazines have multiplied. Of course, it could just be that the drug companies have all joined the Boy Scouts and are now being meticulously honest and trustworthy. Take a look at Dr. David Graham, the Food and Drug Administration scientist who publicly criticized the agency's approach to drug safety said he was facing pressure to transfer to a different job in the FDA "What they want to do is move me out of drug safety into the office of the commissioner, where I will basically be exiled and won't be able to do drug research,". This Preacher would rather have marijuana that God created than any other prescription painkiller from Merck & Co., or any other legal drug pusher paying out legal BRIBES. The best way to take care of a tyrannical government that force 'We The People' is to use the law of our land called The Second Amendment in the Constitution of The United States of America. Now we can find out if my front door will get kicked down by some Jacked Booted Thug's saying "Rev. Smith you are under arrest for..."


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